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Windows Data Types and Data Type Ranges

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Data Type Ranges
Type name   Bytes    Other Names        Range of Values
  int    *               signed,signed int      System dependent
unsigned int    *                      unsigned      System dependent
__int8    1       char,signed char     -128 to 127
__int16    2    short,short int,signed short int               -32,768 to 32,767
__int32                  4                    signed,signed int     -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647
__int64    8                         none      –9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807
  bool            1       none                                   false or true
  char     1                        signed char      -128 to 127
unsigned char            1                         none                                  0 to 255
  short      2     short int,signed short int     -32,768 to 32,767
unsigned short           2          unsigned short int     0 to 65,535
long     4     long int,signed long int        –2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647
long long   8   none (but equivalent to __int64)    –9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807
unsigned long    4    unsigned long int     0 to 4,294,967,295
enum     *       none      Same as int
float     4        none      3.4E +/- 38 (7 digits)
double     8       none     1.7E +/- 308 (15 digits)
long double   same as double      none      same as double
wchar_t    2      __wchar_t      0 to 65,535

一个__wchar_t变量指定一个宽字符或多字节字符类型,通过默认wchar_t为unsigned short 的声明,使用L作为一个字符或字符串常量的前缀来指定宽字符类型的常量。
当编译使用/ Zc:wchar_t的或/ ZA,编译器可以区分的unsigned short和wchar_t的函数重载的目的。

ATOM     typedef WORD ATOM; //Atom. For more information, see Atoms.
BOOL  typedef int BOOL;//Boolean variable (should be TRUE or FALSE).
BOOLEAN  typedef BYTE BOOLEAN;//Boolean variable (should be TRUE or FALSE).
BYTE  typedef unsigned char BYTE;//Byte (8 bits).
CALLBACK #define CALLBACK __stdcall  //Calling convention for callback functions.
CHAR  typedef char CHAR;//8-bit Windows (ANSI) character. For more information, see Character Sets Used By Fonts.
COLORREF typedef DWORD COLRREF;//Red, green, blue (RGB) color value (32 bits). See COLORREF for information on this type.
CONST   #define CONST const; //Variable whose value is to remain constant during execution.
DWORD  typedef unsigned long DWORD; //32-bit unsigned integer.
DWORDLONG  typedef ULONGLONG DWORDLONG; //64-bit unsigned integer.
DWORD_PTR  typedef ULONG_PTR DWORD_PTR; //Unsigned long type for pointer precision. Use when casting a pointer to a long type to perform pointer arithmetic. (Also commonly used for general 32-bit parameters that have been extended to 64 bits in 64-bit Windows. )
DWORD32  typedef unsigned int DWORD32; //32-bit unsigned integer.
DWORD64  typedef unsigned __int64 DWORD64; //64-bit unsigned integer.
FLOAT  typedef float FLOAT; //Floating-point variable.
HACCEL  typedef HANDLE HACCEL;//Handle to an accelerator table.
HALF_PTR #ifdef _WIN64 //Half the size of a pointer. Use within a structure that contains a pointer and two small fields.
   typedef int HALF_PTR;
   typedef short HALF_PTR;
HANDLE  typedef PVOID HANDLE;  //Handle to an object.
HBITMAP  typedef HANDLE HBITMAP; //Handle to a bitmap.
HBRUSH  typedef HANDLE HBRUSH; //Handle to a brush.
HCOLORSPACE #if(WINVER >= 0x0400)  //Handle to a color space.
HCONV  typedef HANDLE HCONV; //Handle to a dynamic data exchange (DDE) conversation.
HCONVLIST typedef HANDLE HCONVLIST;//Handle to a DDE conversation list.
HCURSOR  typedef HICON HCURSOR; //Handle to a cursor.
HDC  typedef HANDLE HDC;  //Handle to a device context (DC).
HDDEDATA typedef HANDLE HDDEDATA; //Handle to DDE data.
HDESK  typedef HANDLE HDESK; //Handle to a desktop.
HDROP  typedef HANDLE HDROP; //Handle to an internal drop structure.
HDWP  typedef HANDLE HDWP;//Handle to a deferred window position structure. 
HENHMETAFILE typedef HANDLE HDWP;//Handle to an enhanced metafile.
HFILE  typedef int HFILE;//Handle to a file opened by OpenFile, not CreateFile.
HFONT  typedef HANDLE HFONT;//Handle to a font.
HGDIOBJ  typedef HANDLE HGDIOBJ;//Handle to a GDI object.
HGLOBAL  typedef HANDLE HGLOBAL;//Handle to a global memory block.
HHOOK  typedef HANDLE HHOOK;//Handle to a hook.
HICON  typedef HANDLE HICON;//Handle to an icon.
HINSTANCE typedef HANDLE HINSTANCE;//Handle to an instance.
HKEY  typedef HANDLE HKEY;//Handle to a registry key.
HKL  typedef HANDLE HKL;//Input locale identifier.
HLOCAL  typedef HANDLE HLOCAL;//Handle to a local memory block.
HMENU  typedef HANDLE HMENU;//Handle to a menu.
HMETAFILE typedef HANDLE HMETAFILE;//Handle to a metafile.
HMODULE  typedef HINSTANCE HMODULE;//Handle to a module. The value is the base address of the module.
HMONITOR if(WINVER >= 0x0500) typedef HANDLE HMONITOR;//Handle to a display monitor.
HPALETTE typedef HANDLE HPALETTE;//Handle to a palette.
HPEN  typedef HANDLE HPEN;//Handle to a pen.
HRESULT  typedef LONG HRESULT;//Return code used by interfaces. It is zero upon success and nonzero to represent an error code or status information.
HRGN  typedef HANDLE HRGN;//Handle to a region.
HRSRC  typedef HANDLE HRSRC;//Handle to a resource.
HSZ  typedef HANDLE HSZ;//Handle to a DDE string.
HWINSTA  typedef HANDLE WINSTA;//Handle to a window station.
HWND  typedef HANDLE HWND;//Handle to a window.
INT  typedef int INT;//32-bit signed integer.
INT_PTR  #if defined(_WIN64)  //Signed integer type for pointer precision. Use when casting a pointer to an integer to perform pointer arithmetic.
   typedef __int64 INT_PTR;
   typedef int INT_PTR;
INT32  typedef signed int INT32;//32-bit signed integer.
INT64  typedef signed __int64 INT64;//64-bit signed integer.
LANGID   typedef WORD LANGID;//Language identifier. For more information, see Locales.
LCID   typedef DWORD LCID;//Locale identifier. For more information, see Locales.
LCTYPE   typedef DWORD LCTYPE;//Locale information type. For a list, see Locale and Language Information.
LGRPID   typedef DWORD LGRPID;//Language group identifier. For a list, see EnumLanguageGroupLocales.
LONG   typedef long LONG;//32-bit signed integer.
LONGLONG  #if !defined(_M_IX86)//64-bit signed integer.
   typedef __int64 LONGLONG;
   typedef double LONGLONG;
LONG_PTR  #if defined(_WIN64)//Signed long type for pointer precision. Use when casting a pointer to a long to perform pointer arithmetic.
   typedef __int64 LONG_PTR;
   typedef long LONG_PTR;
LONG32   typedef signed int LONG32;//32-bit signed integer.
LONG64   typedef __int64 LONG64;//64-bit signed integer.

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